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Created as a source for information and media dealing with Asuka, this site serves all fans of the Eva Unit 02 pilot. on this site you will find information about Asuka and her Evagelion, Images of her and her Eva, winamp skins, and Desktop themes. All wallpaper and skins are produced by me unless staed otherwise, so feel free to take them as long as you credit my site.

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I am accepting links/affliliates for those who would like to gain more web traffic. Also fan art in more than welcome! so far images, skins and wallpapers,and the bio pages are up. more of my original skins and papers will be up soon as I get more time. I am sure I will later on this week! Look soon for Multimedia (music and video clips!)!!! Check back soon! In the mean time, please sign my guest book!
This is the 1st posting of my new Asuka site. I just wanted to do a site different from those I have done in the past without changing any of my existing sites, so why not make one brand new! While my Love Hina is on the back burner, I figured a small site would enertain me over x-mas break before the new semester of college starts. ick!

.:About Your Host:.
Hair- redish brown
Eyes- brown
Height- 5'4"
Favorite song- Daft Punk "Better,Harder,Faster,Stronger"
Favorite anime of the week- Ken Aramatsu's "Love Hina"
Video Game playing for the week- "Silent Hill 2"
Last movie saw-Spiderman

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