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Name : Soryu Asuka Langley
Role : Second Child, Pilot of EVA-02
Birthday : December 4, 2001
Bloodtype : O
Seiyuu : Yuko Miyamura

Dub VA: Tiffany Grant

....The pilot of the Evangelion unit 02, Asuka is a fiery fourteen year old who finds nothing more enjoyable than to instigate fighst with the third child Shinji Ikari. Although her emotional problems and deep seeded issues stem further than she likes to lead on, Asuka poses as a mature young women who can take on the world.
....Adopted and raised in Germany after her mother's suicide, Asuka came to Japan to aid in defending Tokyo-3 from the attacking Angels. Focusing on competition between fellow Eva pilots Shinji and Rei, she believes herself to be the best pilot and can combat the Angels independantly, although this never holds true.